Quest For Optimal Health & Happiness tm


Structural –optimal weight, activity, stretching, strengthening, rest, chiropractic care

Chemical – hydration, food & fun choices, skin & household products, essential oils, nutrients, environment

Electromagnetic – energy balancing, grounding, stress release, prevention techniques


Clarity – memory, focus, attention to details, understanding time, statement release, intending, creating reality

Relaxation – meditation, svaroopa yoga, tai chi, massage

Directing the Subconscious – recognizing vibration


Responsibility – co-creation, stress management, release technique

Security – wellness, relationships, financial, personal safety

Confidence – real feeling alignment, fun


Awareness – self knowledge, connection to source energy, recognition of mind, body and spirit connection, attunement with Nature,

Gratitude – appreciation, acknowledging the presence of Love,

Service – positive example, community, recognition of oneness